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The InsulThin System


The Insulthin Diet eBook, 
1 Bottle Max Keto BHB,
1 Bottle Fiber Caps

​and 1 Bottle of Fat Caps
+ Coaching w/
Dr Grego
every Mon 7PM (est)

Counting Calories and Portion control has never worked . . .That’s why 95% of all diets fail every year. But then you already know that . . .that’s why you are here. So isn’t it time to get off the Merry Go Round, and find an enjoyable LifeStyle that will last a Lifetime?
Welcome to The InsulThin LifeStyle . . . Where you won’t be counting calories or steps or carbs!

*No Counting Calories
*No Counting Carbs
*No Sweaty Gyms
*Yes to Loving Life

Rapid Ketosis (Max Keto BHB) targets that hard to lose

White visceral fat (aka love handles- muffin top- pooch & beer bellies) +

Fiber Blend mitigates insulin spikes!

Dr. Mike Grego DC ND LLC

* Doctor of Chiropractic
* Doctor of Naturopathy
* Best Selling Author
* 30+ Years of Practice Experience
* Helped over 15k Pts Reach their Health & Wellness Goals
He Will Be for One on One Coaching

The InsulThin System is a doctor based system with 3 proven supplements that work synergistically to control hunger, cravings, improve energy, mood, and support healthy insulin levels.

Our patented KETO-BHB supplement has been proven scientifically to help you target white visceral fat (ie “pooch belly/beer belly)

We give you a a 90 day blood work Guarantee!
= based on A1c – Cholesterol + Triglyceride

Must be on the System for at least 90 days

Must have an Annual Health Screen Test (or similar test @ your Dr’s office)

Take an interesting journey into how fat can actually make you . . . fit. It would appear that we were all sold a big lie,
when we changed from butter and lard to margarine and vegetable oils. . . thinking they were better for our hearts and bodies.
Turns out . . .nothing could be further from the truth.